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A Third of Trump Voters Believe Immigrants Strengthen Society, Study Finds | The race

Acceptance of newcomers to the country has increased among American voters

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of health workers.

Photo: Etienne Laurent / EFE

Voters who say they will support the president Donald trump are now much more open to acknowledge contributions from immigrants. 32% of them than newcomers strengthen society, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center.

The percentage contrasts with the 19% of Trump voters in the 2016 election they agreed with the statement.

This increased acceptance of immigrants among Trump voters reflects a broader trend as a 60% of all respondents they believe they strengthen society compared to 46% who said they thought this way in 2013,

Among voters who support the Democratic presidential candidate Joe biden the majority who support the idea is overwhelming. 84% of the former vice president’s supporters agree. In the case of supporters of the 2016 Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, the percentage was 71%.

This change in perception reflects that this year’s presidential campaign is not focused on immigration as it was in 2016. The coronavirus pandemic and the economic recession will focus the debate this 2020.

In turn, the COVID-19 crisis highlighted health workers and the food industry, many of them immigrants and some undocumented.

During Trump’s tenure, Democrats have practically united as a party in favor of immigrants and they have put aside their historical internal divisions on this issue.