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Activists acknowledge that a judge’s blockade of the CARES Act rules out undocumented students | The race

Activists continue their battle for the CARES Act to benefit undocumented students.

Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP / Getty Images

The organization United We Dream had anticipated that undocumented students achieved an important victory in courts to receive help from the CARES Act, but this Friday the group recognized that the judge’s decision Dabney friedrich, does not include that group.

The activists indicated that Judge Friedrich had completely repealed the regulations of the Department of Education, in charge of Betsy DeVos, but the ruling of the federal court based in Washington DC is limited.

“After further review, this court decision was not as complete as previously thought and does not apply to CARES Act funds for undocumented students in colleges and universities “acknowledges the group of activists. “The ruling only applies to the section on K-12 funding and allocation between public and private schools.”

This means, among other things, that university dreamers will not be able to access the benefits of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) on student loans and other benefits, as anticipated.

United We Dreams, however, claims that the court decision it is “a victory” for communities in the sense that it prevents the Department of Education from transferring funds from public to private K-12 schools.

Activists recalled other rulings that do benefit college students at colleges in California, Washington and Massachusetts.

“The rule established by Secretary DeVos to prohibit funding for undocumented students is insensitive and unnecessary, and we continue to demand that she and the Department of Education withdraw it!” They said in a statement.

On July 1, 2020, the Department of Education published an interim rule (IFR) regarding equitable services under the CARES Act.

On September 4, 2020, after the lawsuit NAACP v. Of you, the DC court issued an opinion and an annulment order.