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Carolina Sandoval reveals herself and says that it is not a sin to go out with cellulite and bikini in thong on the networks | The race

For this reason, she appears with a small bikini, forgets the girdle and shows her butt in the air with a pink thong bikini

Carolina sandoval He is not afraid of criticism, much less teasing. The Venezuelan journalist has ventured to her audience in her broadcast of “El Trasnocho con Caro” and has revealed herself against all those who think that only women with measures 90/60/90 have the right to wear small bikinis in thongs to go out on social media.

In his transmission he also assured that it is not a sin for a woman to appear dressed in a bikini on social networks, even when she has a little “belly” and / or cellulite.

Her video and statement surpassed half a million views and even though her message has received divided comments, there are many women who have found a true source of support and inspiration in the words of “La Venenosa”, which supports freedom of expression, both how true feminine beauty applauds.