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Several campaigns on the digital signature platform ask legislators not to leave them out if a new stimulus package is approved

Under the CARES Law, economic dependents under 17 years of age and university students under 24 years of age were excluded.

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Various signature campaigns on the platform ask legislators not to lock out adult dependents as part of a new stimulus check.

In the middle of impasse In the negotiations for a new package, users have taken to the networks to request that they include groups such as university students who still live with their parents or disabled adults in case proposals for a second round of payments to individuals and families are resumed.

Cares Act under which stimulus checks are still distributed for a minimum amount of $ 1,200 establishes as dependents no older than 17 years.

Although a full-time college student under the age of 24 is considered a dependent if his parents provide him with more than half the financial aid, under the Cares law, they are not considered eligible for aid.

Considered a loophole in legislation passed last March, the new bills circulating for new checks (Republicans ‘Heals Act and Democrats’ Heroes Act) seek to repair this limitation.

In one of the petitions on which specifically refers to Heals Act and this Saturday adds more than 145,000 signatures, it is questioned that it is those who request the money for dependents who receive the credit and not the dependent itself.

“Which means that you continue to receive nothing as a dependent adult and it is up to your parents (or whoever claims you) to decide if they are going to give you the additional $ 500. Dependent adults who pay taxes deserve the full amount of $ 1,200, “says the call under the introduction” College students and adult dependents should receive the full check of $ 1,200. “

Heroes Act It is the most generous proposal in terms of money for dependents since it would grant $ 1,200 for each up to a maximum of three. However, as specified by the online campaign, the money goes directly to the person claiming the dependent.

Another request for signatures on the aforementioned platform but addressed to the senator Bernie sanders adds more than 38,000 digital rubrics.

“College students who are claimed as dependents by their parents are not eligible for any type of aid. Most of the university students pay all of themselves, such as rent, utilities … They are the ones who have several jobs, pay taxes and have student debts ”, it is read from the campaign website.

It is not clear why the initiative refers to the Vermont politician.

What is a fact is that Sanders, along with the now Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris, and Ed Markley, Last May they presented legislation called the “Economic Crisis Support Act” that would grant minimum checks of $ 2,000 per month. Under the politicians’ measure, which remains unaddressed in that legislative body, couples could receive up to $ 4,000 a month, while families with children will receive up to an additional $ 2,000 a month per child. While the maximum of applicable dependents would be three.

The legislation reports do not mention that the extra credit of $ 2,000 applies to adult dependents, which would explain the direct call to Sanders as a co-author of the measure.