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This has been the evolution of deaths from Covid in Mexico; more than 70 thousand deaths

This Friday, September 11, Mexico exceeded 70 thousand deaths from Covid-19. Photo: Cuartoscuro


This Friday, September 11, Mexico exceeded 70 thousand deaths from Covid-19 by registering 70 thousand 183 deaths by pandemic that affects the country since on February 28, when the first case was registered.

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Was last Monday, June 22, when in the national territory there were 10 thousand 167 deaths due to the virus, back then, the Dr. Hugo López Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion warned about the importance of maintaining sanitary measures to avoid risk of a regrowth, and gave as an example the case of Tabasco.

It took then 16 days, from Saturday, May 16, when 5,045 were reported, to Monday, June 22, for the number of deaths to double, then Mexico was in the seventh place of deaths from Covid-19 worldwide.

34 days later, On June 20, the country reached 20,394 deaths, just three months after the spread of the virus in the national territory.

It was then that the increase in the figures, the lethality of this virus was related to the decision of the federal government to relax the national confinement at the time that the contagion and death curve grew steadily in the country, mainly in the ZMetropolitan area of ​​the Valley of Mexico.

Mexico became the third country with the most deaths after the completion of the quarantine national, only behind UK and Brazil.

It took 14 days for it to go from 20 thousand to 30 thousand dead, when Last Saturday, July 4, the number of deaths confirmed by Covid-19 in Mexico reached 30,366 deaths.

With that, Mexico surpassed France and was placed as the fifth country with the highest number of deaths from the disease in the world.

However, 17 days later, on July 21 when Mexico surpassed the barrier of 40 thousand deaths from Covid-19 by reporting 40 thousand 400 deaths and accumulate more than 356 thousand infections of the disease, figures that kept it as the third country most affected by the pandemic in Latin America.

And 16 days later, last Thursday, August 6, Mexico exceeded 50 thousand deaths by registering 50 thousand 517 deaths, and was approaching half a million infections; At that time, several entities reached a “plateau or stability of infections and deaths from coronavirus”, for example, Coahuila, Mexico City, Durango and Morelos.

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June 4, 2020, Hugo López-Gatell, stated that in a “very catastrophic scenario” Mexico would reach 60 thousand dead, that day arrived on August 22, when Mexico registered 60,254 deaths from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Today, Friday, September 11, 20 days later, the country broke the barrier of 70 thousand deaths from Covid-19 by registering 70 thousand 185 deaths with what is located as the fourth country with the highest number of deaths after United States, Brazil and India.

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