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Mexico has recovered almost 120 thousand jobs, says Obrador

The Mexican economy has already recovered about 120,000 formal jobs of the more than 1.1 million it had lost due to the pandemic, said the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, on Sunday.

These figures show that “the economy is improving” and progress “towards the normality of productive activities,” said the president at a public event in Mexico City, where he supervised the expansion of Metro Line 12.

“We are moving forward, facing the pandemic, and progress is also being made facing the economic crisis, we are no longer losing jobs,” said López Obrador.

The president’s remarks come a day after the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) reported the creation of 92,390 formal jobs in August.

This means that in September Mexico has recovered another 27,610 formal positions, based on the president’s data.

The recovery contrasts with the total of 1 million 185,024 formal positions that disappeared in the crisis due to the falls of 3,907 in July, 83,311 in June, 344,526 in May, 555,247 in April and 198,033 between March 13 and 31, when the lockdown began .

This implies that the balance of positions lost due to the pandemic remains at 1 million 65,024 registered positions with the IMSS, which represents one of the main indicators of formal work in Mexico.

However, specialists have warned that this is only a partial reflection of the labor crisis in a country where 53% of workers are informal, that is, they are not affiliated with the IMSS.

Even so, President López Obrador reiterated his optimism.

“I am sure that (the issues of) the health crisis and the economic crisis are going to be transitory, I want to tell you that despite the regrets, that people still continue to die, that it hurts us a lot, we are already improving,” said the President.

In addition to more than 663,000 cases and almost 71,000 deaths, the new coronavirus pandemic caused a historic annual contraction of 18.7% of GDP in the second quarter of the year.

Mexico is the seventh country with the highest number of cases and the fourth with the most deaths from COVID-19, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Likewise, it is the twelfth with the most deaths in proportion to its population, with more than 550 per million inhabitants.

However, López Obrador insisted that the crisis “treats” Mexico better than other countries.

“This pandemic that hits the whole world is treating us better, although I repeat, no comparisons should be made, of course we would not want anyone to suffer, for anyone to lose their lives, but this global pandemic has unfortunately affected more in other countries” , said.