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Curious differences between the Costco in China and the US | The race

A product that is only sold in China is Maotai, one of the most expensive liquors in the country

The only location in China has more than 200,000 members.

Photo: ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP / Getty Images

Costco isn’t just popular in the US, it has a huge following in China. In America, an average warehouse had around 68,000 members in 2019, while the main location in China reached 200,000, which he obtained in the first months of opening the store, as reported in Mashed.

Many of Costco’s classics, like hot dogs and pizzas, are available in China, but with a couple of tweaks. For example, the hot dogs are served with a very generous portion of sauerkraut and the pizza toppings include shrimp.

They also sell beverages that are no longer available in the US, like the command smoothie and the coconut smoothie.

Also, at Costco in China you will find products that are not found in any other store in the world, such as imported Maine lobsters and Hermes luxury women’s bags.

Another product that is only sold in China only is the Maotai, one of the most expensive liquors in the country.

Due to the success obtained with the first store opened in the Asian country, now the store is planning to open a second branch in 2021.

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