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In the midst of adversity, applicants get their place in IPN


Emilio Vargas is part of the generation of students at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) that began their high school studies with the 2017 earthquake and ended them with the covid-19 pandemic.

In the midst of adversity, the 19-year-old managed to obtain a place to continue his higher-level studies at the National Polytechnic.

This Sunday, after the uncertainty that he lived since the admission exam scheduled for May was postponed due to the health contingency, Emilio received one of the best news in recent months when reviewing his results sheet: “Congratulations: Assigned Applicant ”He read.

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Yes it is a result of hope, of course it gives hope, because it is very important that studies are not put aside, and it is something that gives me a lot of emotion, because I was already walking with Jesus in my mouth because the Polytechnic has always It was my first option since I entered the higher education medium, so it was to go to the cheers with the dates and the calls because it was a total uncertainty ”, he told Excelsior

The pandemic forced Emilio to complete his upper secondary level studies at the Center for Scientific and Technological Studies (CECyT) 1 as a digital systems technician away from his classmates, without being able to even take his generation photo and now he must enter Energy Engineering in the Interdisciplinary Professional Unit in Engineering and Advanced Technologies (UPIITA) also at a distance, but not even that stops him from studying

Being on the computer is a cold world where I will not be able to interact with my new classmates, it is not like being at school so that you can meet new friends, be in contact with them, but that does not mean that I feel like studying and making new friends in this new modality, we have to get used to this new normal, we have to learn to live together, I don’t see it as a bad thing, I see it as a new challenge and I like challenges, “he said.

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On August 30 at noon, Emilio presented his admission exam to the IPN protected with a mask and a mask that fogged up while answering the 130 test questions one by one. He completed the exam in two and a half hours and since then he had little sleep awaiting his results.

The truth was, it was something extraordinary, personally it was tedious for me to bring the mask and on top of it the mask because of all the sweat that your body gives off due to the nerves that you bring and you feel like suffocation but in the end the exam was achieved and today (Sunday ) when my results sheet appears, my face says congratulations, you are a selected applicant I said wow! It was an emotion that made me scream and everyone, my parents and my brother stopped to see the results and celebrate with me, “she said.

Surprised with what he is capable of achieving, Emilio assumes himself as a member of a generation of chaos that is moving forward.

It is a very rare situation, many people say you come very salty, in a very salty generation, but the truth is I feel that even with these challenges that were put in our way, it is very important to emphasize that we moved forward after the earthquake and now I and many of us have finished our higher education studies and this prepares us for the future ”, he concluded

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