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Judge Reversed “Illegally Appointed” Trump Official and Stops Asylum Rule | The race

The magistrate made an interim decision on Acting Secretary Chad Wolf

Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf and President Donald Trump.

Photo: JIM WATSON / AFP / Getty Images

The federal judge, Paula Xinis, of Maryland, considered as “probable” that the acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad wolf, has been illegally appointed by the president Donald trumpTherefore, he decided to stop until further notice the asylum rules promoted by the official.

Wolf advanced with a plan against immigrants seeking asylum to make it difficult for them to receive Employment Authorization, which would complicate – according to the judge – the economic situation of these foreigners by not being able to work legally in the United States.

The judge’s decision, however, only protects those who are part of the lawsuit, reported Law360.

On Friday, civil groups also filed a motion asking for a “summary judgment” in the lawsuit they filed against Wolf’s appointment and, therefore, of the directives he has signed as the one that limits DACA.

The motion, filed by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), is related to the initiative by which groups seek to reverse the restrictions that Wolf imposed on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. ).

“We ask the court to get to the legal heart of the matter and hold that Chad Wolf has no authority to restrict DACA”said in a statement Ernest Herrera, MALDEF’s attorney, who said that once the court “overturns this illegal memo” they will proceed with the full restoration of DACA.

Last July, Wolf signed a memorandum in which he reduced the length of DACA renewals and work authorizations tied to this federal program from two to one year, and also blocked new applications.

In mid-August, the Comptroller General’s Office declared Wolf’s appointments invalid and Ken cuccinelli as an officer of USCIS, so neither of them could fill his position.

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