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The Mexican Michel Franco received the Grand Prize of the Venice Jury for his film “New Order” | The race

The Mexican Michel Franco won today the Silver Lion Grand Prize of the Jury of the 77th Venice Film Festival for his movie “New order”, a dystopia that has come much closer to reality than the filmmaker could imagine.

“I started writing this movie six years ago and I had no idea that when the premiere came, the dystopia I was portraying would be much closer to reality than to a film genre ”, Franco said when collecting the award that a jury chaired by Cate Blanchett.

Franco recalled the social movements of recent years, the yellow vests in France, or what happened in France, Chile, Colombia and Hong Kong. “Each country for different reasons has lived through a turbulent time,” he said.

And recently, “’Black lives matter’ has taught us how much remains to be done and solve in the United States ”.

“I don’t want to sound negative. I didn’t make the film to get to the point that I portray in the film, but, During the pandemic, have we really changed anything? ”, wondered the director.

“People in great need, have they been helped? Has anyone really cared for them? Or are we going to return to the same point where things were before ”. “I hope we can change something,” concluded the Mexican director, who he bogged for “believing in the future.”

“Nuevo Orden”, the only film in Spanish in the competition of this edition of the Mostra, focuses on a wealthy Mexican family celebrating a wedding in their mansion while the echoes of strong social subversion resonate outside fruit of inequality and the desire for revenge.

A film that has triumphed in a festival marked by the pandemic of COVID-19 but that has been held in person and without problems and has shown “That cinema is important to the world”Franco stated.

“Long live Mexico and keep giving us support in the country so that we can continue to bring good news ”, said the director in Spanish after dedicating the award to his entire team, especially the protagonist, Naian González Norvind.

And he left the stage praising the work of Cate Blanchett. “We are going to make a movie together”, exclaimed the Mexican.