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Billie Eilish will not release a new album during the coronavirus pandemic | The race

However, the singer works every day together with her brother on what will be her next album.

Billie Eilish.

Photo: Getty Images / Rich Fury

Singer Billie eilish He’s been working on the successor to his hit debut album for almost a year When we all fall sleep, where do we go? and, in other circumstances, the album’s arrival in physical and virtual stores would be a matter of only a few months. However, and as his brother explained Finneas O’Connell -partially responsible for the lyrics and the production of her works-, the artist has no intention of returning to the recording scene in the current context of the health crisis.

In his last interview with the Australian newspaper The Herald Sun, the singer-songwriter has also made it very clear that his sister’s new album must be published at a time when his fans can return to the clubs to dance wildly to his most catchy songs, as well as to all those stadiums and pavilions where the hypothetical world tour with which Billie will promote her new creations.

“I have a desperate desire not to release any albums (neither by Billie nor of his own) during this stage of COVID-19. I want the new album to be a kind of vaccine for everyone, I want it to be the album that people can enjoy on the streets, on dance floors and at concerts “, has stated Finneas in his conversation with the newspaper.

Of course, the fact that the arrival on the market of such an ambitious project has been postponed indefinitely does not mean that the two brothers have significantly lowered their work rate, quite the opposite. So much so, that Finneas now combines the development of Billie’s second LP with the development of proposals for other colleagues.

“Billie and I keep working tirelessly on her new album, I’m also working on mine. In that sense, nothing has changed either with the pandemic or with my mentality. Billie and I can work perfectly with each other, while with other artists I can collaborate thanks to video calls. I have already spoken with several who would like me to participate in their songs “, concluded the brother of the famous singer.

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