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China says it does not need a mass vaccination campaign against covid

The director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in China, Gao Fu, announced that “large-scale vaccination against the coronavirus would only be necessary if there was a major outbreak”, such as the one that occurred in January in the Wuhan city.

Fu added, in a talk with the Chinese news agency ‘News Service’, that, “the virus is under control in the country, “which is why it is not necessary to” implement mass vaccination programs. ”

“It would be a waste to vaccinate everyone when the coronavirus has largely disappeared within the borders of China,” he noted.

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For the official, the first batch of vaccines that is available should be administered to medical personnel and prevention of first-line epidemics.

Then on the priority list would follow security personnel, cleaners, catering services and people who work in crowded places.

“However, in a hypothetical case of outbreak, there would be large-scale vaccination of residents of the affected areas,” he said.

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Three vaccines developed by China have already been tested in humans.

At the end of August 2020, China implemented the “emergency use authorization” for three candidate vaccines against the coronavirus, this, after successfully completing phases 1 and 2 of the clinical trials.

The leader of China’s vaccine program, Zheng Zhongwei, announced on the state channel ‘Cctv’ that This emergency permit would vaccinate several officials and medical personnel before completing and obtaining the results of phase 3 of the tests.

Covered by said authorization, Fu made the decision to be vaccinated to “boost public confidence in the research.”

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According to the local newspaper ‘South China morning post’, Chinese scientists and developers are preparing for a mass production of the vaccine, even though the candidates are still in clinical trials.

China registered, on September 12, 10 new cases of coronavirus, however, the government assured that all were imported. As of September 15, China reports more than 85,000 coronavirus infections.