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How much the dollar is selling for today in Mexico: The peso continues to advance | The race

He Mexican peso achieves more gains against the dollar.

US currency is sold at $ 21.06 pesos in interbank transactions – that is, for large amounts – while in banks and exchange offices it has a range between $ 21.10 and the $ 21.50 pesos, according to reports from institutions such as Citibanamex and BBVA Bancomer. These figures could change during the day.


The Mexican currency is approaching a base of $ 21 pesos in large transactions, levels that have not been seen since March, a few days after the crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. The gains are largely due to investor reserves against the dollar – which has lost 0.16% overall against other currencies – due to the lack of a new economic rescue package.

The dollar loses against the euro, the pound sterling and the yen.