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Leader of the Light of the World pleads not guilty to 36 counts in California

According to prosecutors, thousands of images of minors were found in sexual acts and pedophilia. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Los Angeles California

He leader of the Luz del Mundo church, Naason Joaquín García was declared this Tuesday in The Angels innocent of 36 criminal charges.

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In his orange uniform that identifies state prisoners, and handcuffed to a chain around his waist, the church leader Light of the world replied in Spanish to the judge that he declared himself “not guilty” of the crimes against him.

The court ordered to select the jury for the trial against the alleged apostle of Jesus Christ.

The court ordered the two co-defendants of Naason Joaquín to be tried separately, by protocol before the pandemic.

On October 16, the court will detail how the separate trials will be conducted.

Naason Joaquin, 51 years old, He remains in prison because he cannot pay a historic bail in California of 90 million dollars. The main defendant as an accomplice, Alondra Ocampo, also continues to be detained without posting a bond of ten million dollars.

So far only the co-defendant Susana Medina Oaxaca has been released with a bail of 150 thousand dollars. A fourth accused remains at large, Azalea Rangel Meléndez.

The charges are based on thousands of images and videos that the prosecution found on the cell phone of Naason Joaquin when he was detained in the Los Angeles airport on June 3, 2019 from Guadalajara.

According to prosecutors, thousands of images of minors in sexual acts and pedophilia.

Besides, the prosecution has four witnesses who claim they were victims of rape, abuse, coercion based on religious beliefs, sexual relations with a male minor and traffic with the intention of sexual exploitation.

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Everyone, between February 2016 and November 2017. the abuses of which the prosecution says it has evidence against him leader of the Light of the World occurred in California, primarily Los Angeles

Separately, the religious leader faces another lawsuit, from a young woman who now lives in Ensenada with her husband, Sóchil Márquez, who accused Naasón Joaquín García in federal court of blackmailing her with alleged divine punishments if she refused to please him sexually since she was a minor old.

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