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Live: Presidential Plane Raffle

This afternoon, the Government of Mexico carries out the Great Special Draw No.235 equivalent to the Presidential Plane, in which 100 prizes of 20 million pesos will be awarded, and the proceeds will be used to equip hospitals.

The Great Special Draw takes place in the Draw room of the Moro Building of the National Lottery, where authorities and special guests meet.

“I’m excited because today we are going to change, the people who have the least have always been there and now they are with us. He is supporting this project, I don’t want to make comparisons. It reminds me of the 30s, ”said the director of the National Lottery Ernesto Prieto.

For her part, Olga Sánchez Cordero, Secretary of the Interior, said she was excited to see a significant number of people buying tickets for the National Lottery.

The first winning numbers are as follows: