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They deliver more than 49 thousand ‘little pieces’ to hospitals in Sonora

The directors of 33 hospitals in Sonora received tickets for the presidential plane raffle, known as the Great Special Draw to be held next Tuesday, September 15, organized by the National Lottery.

On behalf of the President of Mexico; Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the National Coordinator of Hospital Infrastructure, Carlos Sánchez Meneses, delivered the tickets for free, where, if the winning number among those delivered, the 20 million pesos at stake will be for the hospital to which the assigned the winning number.

Sánchez Meneses pointed out that there are 1,501 tickets delivered to each of the 33 hospitals that attend this contingency by Covid-19 from different medical institutions such as IMSS, ISSSTE, Salud Sonora and Army and that each hospital unit must integrate a committee so that If you are a winner, decide how the money will be spent.

At the meeting, in which the tickets were delivered, were the Secretary of the Secretary of Health of Sonora; Enrique Clausen Iberri, Édgar Zitle García; delegate of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Sonora, Humberto Aguilar Romo; ISSSTE Sonora delegate, the Brigadier General of the General Staff; Jorge Ambia Minero from the Hermosillo Regional Military Hospital.

Likewise, the directors of regional hospitals in the Zone; 1,12,14,2,3,4,8,5, the Colonel of the 24th Infantry Battalion; Carlos Mexía Galindo and the directors of all the hospitals of the Sonora Health Secretariat.

At the event, medical personnel facing the pandemic caused by Covid-19 were honored with a minute of applause, in addition to a touch of silence in honor of the victims of this virus.