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A new start for the Guy-Lacombe Institute of the family

After a period of internal crisis, theGuy-Lacombe Institute of the Family (IGLF) is repositioning itself with more extended services, under the leadership of a new general manager, Sarah Arlène Nyakeru.

Carol Offi

The IGLF general manager wants a new influence for its structure. Credit: Carol Offi

Friday, September 4 in the rotunda of the Cité francophone in Edmonton, the organization launched new services and presented its vision for the well-being of Francophone families, in the presence of the Chair of the Board of Directors, Carolyn Elias and partner organizations.

Indeed, since April 1, 2020, the IGLF has become a family resource center with a two-year mandate, which involves the care of children and adolescents up to the age of 18.

Previously, the services offered were limited to children from 0 to 6 years old, mentioned the Executive Director, Sarah Arlène Nyakeru. Services for teens will be mentoring workshops to prepare them for adulthood.


Parental educational approach

Another novelty is support for parents in their approach to parental education. Through this new positioning, Ms. Nyakeru wants to undo the image of the institute as a daycare. “The institute is not a daycare, it is really much more than that. We will have this approach for the next few months, ”she said.

Yao Datté Coordonnateur IGLF
Yao Datté, IGLF Coordinator. Credit: Carol Offi

In addition to the new programs, including the Family Resource Center and the Development of Children and Youth, regular services are maintained, namely the after-school daycare service and the library, added coordinator Yao Datté. The organization has also recruited a social worker to provide home visits as part of the support to families. According to the coordinator, all of this is a big challenge that he and his team are ready to take on.

On this occasion, the team was introduced and beneficiary families expressed their satisfaction. For Anne-Marie, mother of 3 children present, this center is a source of relief. “As soon as I give birth, instead of staying at home, I come here. After the activities, the mothers chat. I made a lot of friends, ”she said. The IGLF became the first French-language family support center in northern Alberta in 2007.