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Elected officials demand the resignation of Doreen Assaad as head of Brossard Ensemble –

In reaction to the mayor’s decision to dissolve the caucus, three elected officials took advantage of their speaking time at the end of the September 15 session to demand the resignation of Doreen Assaad as leader of the Brossard Ensemble party.

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“I believed in Brossard Ensemble and I still believe in it,” said Michel Gervais. But after three years and the leader’s unilateral decision to dissolve the caucus, I affirm that she does not work for the Together. That is why I am asking for his resignation as chief. ”

A request that was repeated by his colleagues Pierre Jetté and Sylvie Desgroseilliers.

“By dissolving its caucus, Brossard Ensemble has been impoverished by its founder and only her resignation will be the solution,” said the latter.

Contested leadership

All elected officials, including the mayoress, took advantage of the round table discussion on September 15 to comment on the situation.

According to Julie Bénard, the gesture made by Doreen Assaad is an admission that she failed to keep the advisers together and inspire them “with a clear vision for the future of Brossard”. “Several of us have asked her many times over the past few years that we can work to improve team cohesion and dynamics,” she added. These calls unfortunately went unheeded. ”

“If she is not able to work as a team, she must change the name of the party to Brossard Moi Moi.”

– Monique Gagné

“Is that to be a leader?” asked Michel Gervais. When the first signs of divergence arrive, do we “scrap” three years of work by killing everyone outside instead of working to bring together? “

Claudio Benedetti, for his part, thanked the mayor for dissolving the caucus. “Your gesture has enabled us to shed light on your management style and your leadership.”

Old method

Some elected officials referred to the “old method” of the previous administration, at the very origin of the founding of the Brossard Ensemble party.

“I must already wish good luck to all these next candidates who will have to say ‘Yes Madam Mayor’ otherwise, they too, it will be bye. “

– Michel Gervais

“The problems that were there before 2017 still continue today,” said Michel Gervais. A new choice of words, a new face, said with a smile, but in fact, Brossard suffers from a lack of unifying leadership and democracy is battered. ”

“Doreen Assaad wanted to do politics differently,” Monique Gagné continued. But as soon as he took office, screams and resignations followed one another. I am not surprised to note today that very few elected officials remain under his leadership. ”

Open door

Councilors Christian Gaudette, Sophie Allard and Michelle Hui, for their part, supported the mayoress and her gesture.

“From the start, we decided to work together,” said Sophie Allard. The mayor’s door has always been open. I had very frank discussions with her on many subjects; we didn’t always agree but we managed to get along. Unfortunately, some did not take this opportunity and perhaps preferred to have these discussions from behind, ”she lamented.

“I want to reassure citizens: there is no problem with the City. The projects are moving forward. ”

– Sophie Allard

His colleague Christian Gaudette, for his part, recalled that the board has worked hard over the past three years, forming a good team and carrying out many projects.

The mayoress explains

The mayor took the time to respond to councilors’ comments at the end of the meeting.

Referring to the various specific files mentioned by elected officials, Doreen Assaad said it was a shame to find himself in such a situation. “It reminds me a lot of the old chicanes and the old way of doing things,” she lamented. But the reality is that if there was an important file related to a sector, we always found a way to bring it. And always will be. ”

Affirming that “the dynamic has not worked for long enough”, the mayoress said she was sorry that her gesture to dissolve the council could have bothered anyone.

“It wasn’t my intention, but [c’était] rather to say: let’s be honest between us, let things be clear. If we want to work together constructively to define the vision of tomorrow, my door remains open, ”she concluded.