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Hospitals take the prize; 951 nosocomios received bits


A kindergarten in Nuevo León, three hospitals of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and one of the Institute of Social Security and Services of State Workers (ISSSTE) were the first winners that were announced of the Great Special Draw 235 of the National Lottery for the Presidential Plane.

According to sources consulted by ExcelsiorIt will be until Thursday or Friday when the agency releases the details on the total number of tickets sold, those that were not purchased and the number of winners.

Until now, it turned out that one of the first winners was the General Hospital of Zone No. 1 of the IMSS of Nayarit, with ticket number 5352100.

The prize of 20 million pesos will be destined to the expansion of emergencies and tochosurgery, as well as to the remodeling of the laundry.

The IMSS Michoacán was also the winner of a major prize with ticket 5286423, through its Twitter account, the institution said that the resources will be used for the installation of a hemodynamic room, which is necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

The winning ticket with number 5242187, was awarded to HGR No.220 of the IMSS in Toluca, for which the 20 million pesos will be allocated to the remodeling of operating rooms, elevators, as well as to buy medical equipment for the heart disease area.

The governor of Zacatecas, Alejandro Tello, reported that the Fresnillo ISSSTE Hospital was also the winner with ticket 1285450.

One of the 100 prizes of 20 million pesos will also be delivered to the El Yerbaniz kindergarten, in the municipality of Aramberri in Nuevo León.

The winners will be announced only if they are institutions, because if they are citizens, details will be omitted for security reasons.

In the afternoon, during the raffle, the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, thanked the people who bought a piece for this raffle that aims to acquire medical supplies for the hospitals.

“Today we are very proud, we are very proud of the people of Mexico, because this raffle will be with them, it will be for them, and above all for health, for the health of all Mexicans, because everything that is collected In this draw, all the money you have will go to the health sector, to medical equipment, to medicines, ”he said.

Meanwhile, the director of the National Lottery, Ernesto Prieto, said that this raffle ends with one of the symbols of inequality and excesses of the political class in Mexico.

For his part, the director of Banobras, responsible for the sale of the presidential plane, reported that as part of this raffle, 951 covid hospitals throughout the country received a total of 1,051 small pieces for a total of 500 million pesos and the remnant remains under the protection of the Insabi.

In the case of the tickets that were not sold, they are protected and, if they are winners, the prize will be given to Insabi for the purchase of medical equipment.

A few hours before the closing of the sale of tickets, in the vicinity of the main building of the National Lottery, in Reforma and Avenida de la República, a large group of people gathered to buy a little piece.

Long lines of people gathered in three semi-fixed positions until 2 in the afternoon.

By 3 o’clock in the afternoon they had already sold all the little pieces they brought.

“Why buy in the last minutes?”

—I wanted to buy it since the week, but the stalls were closed, so I bought it last minute, said one of the buyers.

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