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Hurricane ‘Sally’ hits Alabama, causing severe flooding


He hurricane Sally touched Earth this wednesday in the Alabama state, in the American coast of the Gulf of mexico, as a Category 2 cyclone after their winds intensified during the early morning.

The storm presented 165-kilometer-per-hour winds (kph) that could cause serious damage, according to five-level Saffir-Simpson scale.

Sally constitutes a “catastrophic and potentially lethal” risk of flooding over vast areas of the north-central Gulf coast, the US National Hurricane Center (CNH) said in its early morning report.

Its gusts and the rains it is causing could be seen from Mississippi to the Florida Panhandle, according to CNH.

Earlier in the morning, US meteorologists said the hurricane could dump up to 600 millimeters of rain in some areas as it moves inland.

Sally it made landfall in Gulf Shores, Alabama, and was heading toward the Florida-Alabama border at a speed of 5 kph.

Authorities in the southern United States asked residents of low-lying areas to take shelter from the wind and rainfall.

The damage it could cause Sally they are estimated to reach between $ 2 and 3 billion, according to Chuck Watson of Enki Research, a firm that tracks the movements of storms and develops models of their costs to infrastructure.

Ports, schools and businesses were closed Wednesday off the Alabama coast.