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They will appear for eviction from Codhem

The deputies of the Congress of the State of Mexico unanimously approved to summon the attorney general of Justice, Alejandro Jaime Gómez, and the president of the Human Rights Commission of the State of Mexico (Codhem), Jorge Olvera, to appear for the “violent” eviction of activists who seized the agency’s facilities located in Ecatepec, on September 11.

The Moreno deputy, Julio Alfonso Hernández Ramírez said that for his Parliamentary Group the action of both autonomous bodies is unacceptable, since they applied public force to injure, hurt, repress the human rights of citizens, instead of dialoguing. He indicated that the duty of the authorities is to meet the demands and demands of the population, to provide a solution.

“It is not clear how the requests made by the activists were being followed up, nor which authorities participated in the negotiations, nor is it clear at what point the dialogue that resulted in the violent eviction of the people who were at the the interior of said offices and, even more, who ordered to carry out the said eviction, “he explained.

She said that the violence only generates more conflicts, because after the arrest and subsequent release of the activists, another group of women took again the Codhem facilities in Ecatepec and allegedly set fire to the place to protest against injustices.

The morenista added that the entity is one of the most affected by gender violence and femicides, therefore, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico and the local Human Rights Commission should focus their efforts to combat these scourges, their Action must adhere to the international and national legal framework, without further aggravating the situation of the victims or attacking the activists.

For his part, the PT deputy, Armando Bautista Gómez, joined the demand for clarity in the facts and demanded the presence of the heads of both autonomous bodies to explain in detail about the decision to evict the protesters with luxury of violence, which was also approved by the plenary session unanimously.