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This will be the ‘military parade’ due to the covid


During the event, the ‘Miguel Hidalgo’ Award Ceremony will be held for medical personnel that fights against the Covid pandemic in the country.

Civic military parade in Nayarit canceled due to covid-19

On September 11 it was reported that according to the logistics for the Ceremony, This September 16, 58 decorations will be awarded and there will be a minute of silence with applause for the victims of the pandemic in Mexico.

2020 military parade officially suspended

The decorations to doctors, nurses and health sector workers, will be delivered by the head of Federal Health, Jorge Carlos Alcocer Varela, accompanied by the director of Social Security Zoé Aburto and ISSSTE, Luis Antonio Ramírez Pineda.

The recognition includes the delivery of a diploma and 100 thousand pesos, here the list of people:

1. Israel Quiroz Guerra

2. Karla Daniela Ramos Sandoval

3. Héctor Gonzalo Casanova Pacheco

4. Bracilia del Rosario Valle Quevedo

5. Jhovana Ivonne Ruiz Cruz

6. Jose Ivan Campos Moreno

7. Jorge Luis Ruiz Toledo

8. Tania Concepción Sánchez Sánchez

9. Maria Teresa Vázquez Herrera

10. Ernesto Castellanos Flores

11. Verónica Rosas Hernández

12. María Isabel Carmona Zúñiga

13. Junue David Martínez Gutiérrez

14. Jose Roberto Chevez Cruz

15. Noah Root Laurent

16. Aldo Radamés Garza Sánchez

17. José Antonio Gallegos Vargas

18. Alejandro Rivera Mora

19. Patricia Alejandra Meza Meneses

20. Luis Alberto Delgadillo Pliego

21. Norma Estela Colunga Mares

22. Jorge Alejandro Morales Treviño

2. 3 . Nidia Lyzette Heredia González

24. Sergio Jonathan Garcia Mortera

25. America Campos Leon

26. Alberto Rosas Herrera

27. Alejandro Arreola Morales

28. Rubén Isaí Islas Montaño

29. Elizabeth Bustamante Rodríguez

30. Yulet Erenia Ceseña Leal

31. Angel Israel Galván Muñoz

32. Rebeca Raíz Hernández

33. Esther Azucena Fernández Hernández

34. Jaime Leura Hernández

35. Aldo Ariel Ponce de León Romo

36. Ana Luisa Martínez Pérez

37. Alejandro Salgado Chávez

38. Gonzalo Martínez Mariano

39. Maria del Rosario Juárez Olivares

40. Alfonso Rodríguez Jaramillo

41. Omar Calderon Pale

42. Christian Barrientos Ramírez

43. Juan Alejandro Arredondo Pacheco

44. Jesús Manuel Armenta Velderrain

45. Jesús ulises Hernández Zacarías

46. ​​Silvia Gabriela Aldecoa Ríos

47. Karina del Carmen Castillo Hernández

48. Beatriz Alejandra de la Garza Cepeda

49. Nora Hilda Vega Camacho

50. José Efraín Ramos Martínez

51. Erick Alberto Gómez Lara

52. Victoria Shantal Mesa Cortés

53. Luis Rey Calderín Leal (Posthumous)

54. Luis Humberto Barrón García

55. Eva Lorena Martínez Hernández

56. Pedro Pablo Bojórquez Cob

57. Steffany del Carmen Tec Tabasco

58. Roberto Ibarra Infante


  • Presentation of the event, which will begin at 11:17 am.
  • Civic act of raising and singing to the flag
  • The Commander of the parade column will make the request to start the Commemoration of the “CCX Anniversary of Independence”
  • Full honors.
  • Ceremony of Delivery of the award “Miguel Hidalgo” in front of the National Palace.
  • Minute of silence followed by a minute of applause in recognition of the people who have died from the pandemic caused by Covid-19.
  • Exit of the Battery of Honors.
  • An exhibition jump of military free fall will be carried out on the plate of the base by the personnel of the Parachute Fusiliers of the Mexican Army.
  • Demonstration of Infiltration by fast rope of Special Forces.
  • I urge the Armed Forces.
  • Part of news.
  • National anthem.
  • Request to vacate the Plaza de la Constitución.
  • Evolution to vacate the Plaza de la Constitución.
  • Farewell and closing of the event at 12:48 hours.