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VIDEO – “We must not let our guard down,” says the director of Public Health in Montérégie –

As the region went from green to yellow, the Director of Public Health of Montérégie, Dr. Julie Loslier, addressed citizens, in particular to point out to them that the recent upsurge in the number of cases is linked to events. communities and that young people under 35 are particularly affected.

Some outbreaks have involved dozens of people, often on occasions when there were gatherings of a social as well as family nature, and where the measures were not respected, says Dr. Loslier in a video capsule.

She explains that during the first wave, each case gave rise to little contact, meaning that few people had to be isolated and tested.

“We all want to keep what we have won.”

-Dre Julie Loslier, Director of Public Health of Montérégie

At this point, “a case that has been in an event where there were 25 people without distancing can end up generating 25 people who must be isolated for 14 days,” she said.

Dr. Loslier recognizes that the Montérégie is not losing control with a high number of cases, but that the age range of the individuals affected is a worrying factor. These have less risk of complications, “but the more it circulates, the more it is a pool of infected people who can transmit it to vulnerable people,” she warns.

Back to school

In addition, Dr. Loslier maintains that the back to school is going well.

“We know the importance of our children being able to attend school. The Department of Public Health is working closely with schools to ensure that this re-entry in times of COVID goes as smoothly as possible. So far, despite a few cases in schools, the situation is under control and it is crucial that it stay that way, ”she also said in a press release.