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New at the POP Museum! – The Weekly Journal

Several new features will await visitors at the POP Museum this fall. Three new exhibitions and a new version of the visit to the Old Prison are on the program.

From September 26, the Museum will present the traveling exhibition Fragments of humanity: archeology of Quebec.

Entirely dedicated to Quebec archeology, the exhibition brings together nearly 350 significant pieces, the majority of which come from the Archeology Reserve of the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications, to highlight 50 years of archaeological discoveries in Quebec. We will also see objects on loan from various other places, including the Musée des Ursulines in Trois-Rivières.

A new permanent exhibition entitled Inside: prison as a solution? will be arriving starting November 19. This will examine the evolution of the Quebec prison system from the 19e century to today. In addition to presenting various facets of the prison and judicial systems, the exhibition puts forward its different actors through video testimonies and aims to provoke reflections.

“It was important to have a direct link with the Old Prison in the museum,” emphasizes Valérie Therrien, director of the POP Museum. In the exhibit, visitors will have an RFID wristband with them to identify themselves in the exhibit and answer questions about their perception of the prison system. With the information gathered through the questions, we can create a collective digital work on the perception of visitors and on the evolution of this perception over the course of the exhibition. ”

At the same time, the visit to the Old Prison has also been modified. The current version was presented for 18 years. This time, four routes featuring characters who have gravitated in the prison will be offered to visitors.

“The visit is meant to be human. We also wanted to encourage people to come back to have a different experience each time. Visitors will be accompanied by a guide, but they will also have moments alone during which they can soak up the atmosphere of the prison, ”adds Ms. Therrien, specifying that technological elements will also be incorporated into the visit.

Finally, the youth adventure exhibition Superhero DNA will take children on a fun journey and mission to boost their self-esteem. From December 17, little visitors will have to help Professor Laforest create an antidote of seven ingredients to outsmart Maître Écurus, a squirrel endowed with extraordinary intelligence following a laboratory experiment. Hiding place, climbing wall and games of skills will follow one another. Throughout the exhibition, children will discover that superheroes can be a part of everyday life and that they don’t need superpowers.