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López Obrador supporters prepare response on freedom of expression

A letter in defense of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been circulating on social networks since Friday night and in response to the display “In defense of freedom of expression”, signed by more than 650 artists, intellectuals, writers, creators and businessmen, among others.

The letter largely distributed by users who identify themselves on Twitter as sympathizers of the head of the Executive and the National Regeneration Movement party (MORENA), is allegedly signed by Rafael Barajas “El Fisgón”, president of the National Institute of Political Training of that match.

The Twitter account of Laura Cevallos (@cevalloslaura) published last night: “Friends, today @fisgonmonero wrote this letter in response to the monstrosity of the” undersigned “who dared to swell their scarce signatures, even because they were dead and a former employee today imprisoned, for the diversion of millions from the program for the poor. “

Cevallos, who identifies himself as “Amlover with all my heart”, asked his 21,000 followers to send their signatures to the email address [email protected] That email, as can be seen on their Facebook page, belongs to the National Research Network (RENACE) of the National Institute of Political Training of MORENA.

In his official Twitter account, the cartoonist denied his authorship: “This letter was not written by me. It is from a group and has important modifications. Please, download this and upload the good one.” However, it did not clarify which group it refers to or deny that it is RENACE.

And, indeed, the letter that Cevallos disseminates has some variations to another letter that is in a Google document platform, also published on Twitter by supporters of López Obrador and Morena and that has also been sent by WhatsApp by teachers of the Autonomous University of Mexico City.

The letter that is in Google documents assures that the signatories of “In defense of freedom of expression” “take the opportunity to revile the head of state because, according to them, ‘he has despised the struggle of women and feminism’ and ‘the pain of the victims due to the violence’, ‘has ignored environmental claims, has budgeted damage to autonomous bodies, has tried to humiliate the Judiciary and has hit cultural, scientific and academic institutions’ “.

And he assures that “the wide and free dissemination that the text of yore has reached forcefully denies its main assertion: that freedom of expression is” under siege. “

“What is clear is that the signatories would like to suppress that debate, gag the president and reinstate the monologue and the single truth that prevailed until two years ago under the corrupt neoliberal regime and the oligarchic media apparatus in which many of the signatories appeared as masters and lords of thought, analysis and criticism and that imposed a legitimizing monologue of looting, state violence, corruption, frivolity and electoral dislocation, “the document reads.

And he adds: “In sum, the alleged ‘defense of freedom of expression’ alleged by the signatories of the document in question is, in reality, an attempt to remove the presidential voice from the debate, the legitimate expression of the absolute majority of citizens; their complaints point, in reality, to limit illegally and even coup the powers and legal attributions of the federal Executive “.

The signing of this letter allegedly closed at 12 noon today, but it is unknown when and by what means it will be made known to its signatories.