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‘President of TSJ Guerrero must appear for Ayotzinapa case’

The parents of the 43 disappeared Ayotzinapa students demanded that the president of the Superior Court of Justice of Guerrero (TSJ), Alberto López Celis, appear before the local Congress to report on the whereabouts of the videos of the Palacio de Justice of Iguala who recorded one of the attacks suffered by the normalistas on the night of September 26 and early in the morning of September 27, 2014.

The parents of the 43 disappeared students delivered a document to the Special Commission for the Ayotzinapa Case of the Guerrero Congress for the president of the court to report on the videos and on the sanctions that have been applied to the personnel who destroyed or lost the videos, as allegedly reported.

“To date, there has been no access to the videos of the day and hours in which the Ayotzinapa students were attacked, nor do we know what internal or criminal proceedings the authorities of the Superior Court of Justice have initiated to investigate the existence of the videos and his presentation to the investigation carried out by the Special Investigation and Litigation Unit of the Ayotzinapa case of the Attorney General’s Office. “

The fathers and mothers said that the appearance of López Celis is necessary, because in the first statements of technicians and of the then president of the court, Lambertina Galeana Marin, there were inconsistencies.

“According to the statements of the technical staff of the Palace of Justice of Iguala, as well as of the Magistrate in turn Lambertina Galeana Marin, they tried to make a backup, but the storage device was damaged and they did not record anything. Likewise of such statements Inconsistencies can be seen, as the officials and technicians never reported that the camera system had remote access through the network, “explained the parents.

Parents reported that in the Iguala Palace of Justice that night of September 26 there were six closed-circuit cameras that captured the most critical moments of the attacks suffered by the students.

The Iguala Palace of Justice is located a few meters from the El Chipote bridge, where the Estrella de Oro bus, number 1531, was attacked. Most of the 43 students who are missing were taken off that bus.

According to testimonies collected by the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), in that place Federal Police agents asked Iguala agents about the retention of the students, who told them that they would take them with a subject named El Patron.

In its conclusions, the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) affirmed that the videos are important for the investigation because there the participation of the Federal Police and the Huitzuco Police in the disappearance of the normalistas can be clearly shown.

In the document that the parents gave to the deputies, it indicates that the investigations have documented that a Huitzuco Police patrol arrived at the scene and took the students to Chilpancingo.