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Salmonellosis outbreak investigation continues –

The Public Health Agency of Canada is continuing its investigation into the salmonellosis outbreak linked to onions imported from the United States, as illnesses continue to be reported.

Since August 31, 49 new cases have been reported, bringing the total to 506 across Canada. A second affected person is believed to have died, but public health officials have confirmed that salmonellosis did not contribute to the cause of death.

In Quebec, 24 cases have been listed as of September 14.

It is recommended that you avoid eating, using, selling or serving sweet red, white, yellow or yellow onions distributed by Thomson International Company which is located in Bakersfield, California. Onions grown in Canada are not affected by this notice.

If the source of the food is unknown, it is recommended not to eat it to avoid any risk.

It should also be remembered that anyone can be infected with salmonellosis, but that children aged five and under, the elderly, pregnant women or people with weakened immune systems are the most susceptible to serious illness.

It is also possible that some people are infected with the bacteria and do not have any symptoms. They can still transmit the infection to others.

Text by Nicholas Pereira, Local Journalism Initiative, Courrier Laval