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Seade returns to Mexico; will remain in the Undersecretariat for North America

Seade will continue to lead the Undersecretariat for North America. Photo: Screenshot


Jesus Seade announced that in the next few days he will return to Mexico to continue as head of the Undersecretariat for North America of the Foreign Ministry, after leaving the race in search of the General Directorate of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Seade Kuri assured that he ends his participation with a very good taste in his mouth, because Mexico gained international prestige when presenting the best candidacy, “and that is something that nobody takes away from us”.

No, I will not return to the North American Undersecretariat, because I never left it, I am the North American Undersecretary, and in all this time I have not been on recess, here I have news for you, the candidacy has been full time and the Undersecretariat has continued to be full time, so what has been necessary to sacrifice has been the sleeping one, it has been a very busy period, “he said.

He added that he is totally ready to continue, since during this time he had close and constant communication with Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, with his team in videoconferences and receiving materials for approval.

I have never left, in fact I am not leaving, and in the next few days I will return to Mexico as Undersecretary for North America, “he said.

In accordance with the austerity policies of the Government of Mexico, on April 23 the closure of 10 undersecretaries was announced, and the disappearance of the Undersecretariat for North America was taken for granted, since at the same time Roberto Velasco as Managing Director for North America of the Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE), which seemed to be a sign that Jesús Seade would not return after his adventure in the WTO.

In a press videoconference from China, Jesús Seade considered that political criteria were used in deciding to leave it out of the WTO dispute, since despite the fact that Europe acted as a bloc, it ended up being counted as 27 countries, which it was “a somewhat strange and unfortunate decision.”

She said that in her opinion the Korean candidate is the most suitable to occupy the General Directorate of the World Trade Organization, due to her extensive experience, although she added that the other two women from Nigeria and Kenya who aspire to the position are very good .

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