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Another 50 thousand jobs were recovered

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador visited Yauhquemehcan, Tlaxcala, to inaugurate the Ocotoxco vehicular crossing that will connect the Gulf of Mexico with the center of the country. Photo: Special


Mexico is already recovering, assured President Andrés Manuel López Obrador during his visit to the state.

In the recovery of our economy, we are allocating many resources to support humble people, poor people, the neediest people have to buy their food that they do not lack the basics, that they do not suffer from hunger in our country, the purpose is help so that there is income and basic necessities can be consumed ”, he pointed out.

Look how serious it was, that we lost jobs in April, only those registered with Social Security, 550 thousand workers, workers, lost their jobs in that month; and in May also and in June, and still in July three thousand jobs were lost, but already last month, in August, 92 thousand jobs were already recovered, and so far in September we have already recovered 50 thousand more jobs, and I hope that jobs continue to be recovered so that in this way our economy is reactivated, there is work and well-being in our people, ”said the President.

He also highlighted that this year a new record in remittances will be reached, amounting to 40 billion dollars that will benefit more than 10 million families.

The president was in Tlaxcala to inaugurate the Ocotoxco-Yauhquemehcan highway section, which created 746 direct jobs and 2,986 indirect jobs and benefited 540,300 inhabitants. The total investment was 226.2 million pesos.

Before starting his speech, he recalled the victims of the earthquakes of September 19, 1985 and 2017.

On the other hand, he called for unity.

We may have different political and partisan origins, but we have to unite to govern for the good of all the people, the Homeland comes first, ”he said.

We cannot be fighting, we have to unite to support our people to consummate and put into practice that the fourth transformation of public life in Mexico is achieved, that corruption is banished from the country, that a political system is established based on justice, honesty, austerity and that we can not only establish this new way of doing politics that will gradually become a habit that will no longer see corruption in Mexico, “he added in his speech when inaugurating the vehicular passage Ocotoxco, in Yauhquemehcan.


Approximately 40 people demonstrated on the Tlaxcala-Apizaco highway at the height of the Greek Y, prior to the event of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

With banners and in an orderly manner, respecting the healthy distance, relatives of the missing persons stood on the side of the road with photographs of the absent persons.

This is to ask the President of the Republic for the intervention of federal institutions to speed up the search.

After the President’s event ended, who inaugurated the Ocotoxco-Yauhquemehcan vehicular crossing, the protesters withdrew in order.

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