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Pillars, with signature design

The PILARES de La Comuna project was developed by the Ambrosi-Etchegaray architectural firm.


Next November, the construction of 25 new Points of Innovation, Freedom, Art, Education and Knowledge (PILLARS) is scheduled to begin, whose designs will be in charge of renowned architects.

They were summoned by the Government of Mexico City through the Ministry of Works and Services (Sobse) and after learning that it was a project for the benefit of the community, they did not hesitate to share their talent.

It seems to me that as architects we have a responsibility to do this type of social projects because they are needed throughout the country. This is the grain of sand that we are adding to make a change in our cities and in our communities ”, commented the architect Rozana Montiel, whose work is recognized in the world.

She has in her hands the sketch of the PILLARS that will be built on the corner of El Vergel and Pedro Vélez streets, in the Presidents of Mexico neighborhood, of the Iztapalapa mayor’s office.

It is a land of 700 square meters. The project consists of two floors, inclusive and accessible to all, has a small elevator. The idea was to make a project with design, of high spatial quality where culture, art, education and sports were involved, as well as including sustainable and sustainable themes ”, he explained.

One of the challenges to develop in a property in the Olivar del Conde neighborhood is that the property is uneven.

Ambrosi-Etchegaray, is another of the law firms participating in this action. The partners, Jorge and Gabriela, who recently were in charge of the rehabilitation of the building that today occupies the Círculo Mexicano hotel (located in the Historic Center) designed the PILARES that will be located in La Comuna, in Flores Magón without number, Olivar del Conde neighborhood Second Section, in the mayor’s office of Álvaro Obregón.

The property where it will be located measures 1,010 square meters and is uneven, so it was a great challenge to lay out the property, which will have an area of ​​836 square meters on two levels.

This PILLARS, they pointed out, will be an avant-garde space, but according to the environment.

It was very important for us, in the project, that a contemporary architecture did not suddenly arrive and prostrate itself on the site as something alien to the context, so the first action was how this space tries to link itself in its three corners where there is no adjoining private ”, Gabriela Etchegaray commented.

Meanwhile Jorge Ambrosi, thanked the capital government for allowing them to participate in this social project.

These are things that are appreciated in the face of the economic difficulties that any company is going through, as at this time. So, you feel the support of the government of Mexico City to promote this type of projects that spill over into construction and jobs, “he said.

For the construction of these 25 PILLARS, the government of Mexico City has a budget of 264 million pesos.

Once the projects are authorized by the Ministry of Works and Services, the works that will be supervised by their creators will be put out to tender.

The new PILLARS will be located in 12 of the 16 municipalities; 4 in Álvaro Obregón; 1 in Azcapotzalco; 1 in Benito Juárez; 1 in Coyoacán; 2 in Cuauhtémoc; 1 in Gustavo A. Madero; 3 in Iztapalapa; 3 in Magdalena Contreras; 1 in Miguel Hidalgo; 1 in Tláhuac; 5 in Tlalpan; and 2 in Xochimilco.

Of the 300 PILLARS that are expected to operate during the current administration, currently 165 have been completed; 32 were new works and 133 are located in spaces that were rehabilitated.

Another 56 are in the process of construction (50 new construction and six undergoing rehabilitation); 41 are in the bidding process (35 new work and six for rehabilitation); and 12 in management of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (11 new construction and one rehabilitation).

According to the authorities, so far the investment for this PILLARS has been 1,600 million pesos.

The PILARES of the Presidents of Mexico neighborhood seeks to combine culture, art, education and sports.