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Police prevent clash of marches

They use violence. Security cameras captured how feminists tried to break the fence of the female police. Photo: Video shot


The capital government implemented an operation with a thousand police officers to minimize the possibility of a confrontation between protesters of different expressions who yesterday tried to reach the Zócalo, since some were not going peacefully.

Members of a feminist collective were encapsulated at the height of Eje Central. In a video of security cameras it is observed that they try to break the fence of policewomen with the use of violence. The images show that, holding hands, they charge in a group against the line of uniformed men, who managed to contain the onslaught. Then the protesters were channeled through different streets to Fray Servando.

The capital government indicated that, faced with this situation, it decided to stop the advance of the Frena movement, opposed to the federal government, before the Central Axis.

After this, said group of protesters set up tents on Avenida Juárez, between Reforma and Bellas Artes, to stay in a sit-in.

The fact that Frena stays on Avenida Juárez is safer for its members than if they occupy the Zócalo, where various expressions arrive, some of them violently, ”said the Secretary of the Government of the capital in an information card.

He stressed that he offered security and accompaniment to all the contingents that took to the streets, in order to guarantee free demonstration.

He also indicated that he protected the right to health by monitoring that the healthy distance was fulfilled and in this way preventing contagion of covid-19.

The other demonstration that tried to reach the Plaza de la Constitución was of victims of the earthquake registered three years ago. They left the Tlalpan road and Taller avenue, but were stopped at the intersection of Nezahualcóyotl street with 20 de Noviembre avenue.

They sit down. The local government said that the camp of the Frena movement is safer on Avenida Juárez. Photo: Elizabeth Velázquez