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CMLL redefines women’s championship matches for its 87th Anniversary


After the World Wrestling Council (CMLL) make known that Princess Sugehit, the challenger to Women’s World Championship chosen by the fans, tested positive for covid-19 and the fight against the champion Marcela at the 87th Anniversary function of the company, it was now revealed, through a statement, that it will be Dalys who takes his place.

Also, in the same text issued by the company it is announced that Lluvia, the challenger most voted by the public to face the Metallic monarch for the National Women’s Championship, also tested positive for covid-19 and its place will be taken by the Queen isis.

So much Dalys as the Queen isis were the second most voted gladiators by the audience for these fights, in a dynamic organized by the CMLL for the public to decide the struggles they wished to witness in the company’s great function.

The function of the 87th Anniversary of Mexican wrestling will take place this Friday, September 25 without the presence of fans at the Arena MéxicoHowever, the public will be able to purchase their tickets for the transmission via streaming that the system will offer. Ticketmaster and the CMLL for that event.