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Demand brake step towards the Zócalo

For the National Front AntiAMLO (Frena), the second was the charm. After they were prevented from installing tents on Paseo de la Reforma on Saturday to emulate the sit-in that Andrés Manuel López Obrador set up in 2006, yesterday they did.

In the morning, extending the sit-in to Paseo de la Reforma became difficult, advancing to the Zócalo practically impossible, since hundreds of policemen from Mexico City with riot gear took over all entrances.

However, between 1:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m., dozens of people set up and placed around 200 tents on Reforma, at the height of the Torre del Caballito. “Out with López, out with López,” they celebrated.

Throughout the day, from time to time those present gathered in the Juárez Chamber to pray to ask that their demands that López Obrador resign from office be successful. In the stores, as a shield, there are banners with the image of La Guadalupana.

Unlike on Saturday, the Police did not intervene, perhaps because two hours before President Andrés Manuel López Obrador declared in Morelos that the “conservatives” who camp in the Historic Center have all the guarantees to demonstrate.

On a tour of Morelos, the president pointed out that “now that there is a sit-in in the Center of the City, which we did for a long time fighting for justice and democracy, they must know that they have the guarantees to demonstrate, that they do not they are going to be harassed, they are going to stay there in their tents like we did.

“Hopefully and they stay long enough, that it is nothing more ephemeral, a few days, we stayed there several times up to more than a month. I am not calling for you to go camping in the Zócalo, nothing more that is interesting than They live this process, it is no longer the protest in cars, now that they have made the decision to get out of the cars and camp.

“Let them stay there, just let everyone stay, including the leaders, to sleep there in the tents, that they do not go to the hotels at night and that they just leave the people there sleeping, but let the mere groupers remain, those from above, those who lead this movement, “he insisted.