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OSCAR operation in Trois-Rivières: the majority of tenants and customers comply with sanitary measures – L’

At the request of the Ministry of Public Security, which made a request last week, teams of police officers from the Trois-Rivières Police Department carried out a total of 63 visits to the licensed establishments on the territory of the City, all on weekends, to ensure compliance with sanitary measures.

Initially, on September 17 and 18, the police visited 37 establishments in order to meet the tenants and ensure that they had all the information on the health measures decreed by the Directorate of Public Health.

Also, the police made the clientele aware of the challenges of health measures. Of these visits, the police informed two tenants of the obligation to maintain a register of clients as well as a third, concerning the wearing of face coverings when clients move inside.

Subsequently, on Saturday and Sunday, the police returned to visit 26 of the 37 establishments, to ensure that all the measures were still respected. A general infraction report will be sent to a downtown bar owner for selling alcohol outside of the permitted time slot.

In light of the observations made during these visits, the majority of tenants and customers complied with the sanitary measures.