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Puebla ranks as one of the safest entities in Mexico

Due to the reduction in crime rates, Puebla is positioned as one of the safest entities in the country, according to figures from the National Security System.

The drop is due to the security strategy instructed by Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta and implemented by the Ministry of Public Security (SSP).

Proof of this, the crime incidence in Puebla decreased by 15 high-impact crimes, for which the entity was located six places below the national average, it is reported in a statement.

It is stated that in the August update, the figures from the federal authorities reflect reductions of 19.28% in homicide, 71.67% in kidnapping, 2.50 in femicide and 22.08% in rape.

While the total robberies registered a reduction of 35.04%; The theft from carriers stands out, which fell by 58.48%, from vehicles was reduced by 20.43%, from pedestrians it fell 37.33% and business was 37.33%, it is added.

In addition, it is mentioned that the crime of drug dealing reflects an increase of 143%, derived from the arrests made and the dismantling of more than 120 criminal gangs; while family violence had a slight increase of 1.28%.

Overall, the crime incidence was reduced by 24.88%, in the comparison of the January-August period of this year with 2019, it is added.

And it is specified that in the criminal incidence at the national level, Puebla is located in position 22, which represents that the entity is six places below the national average.