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Rains damage almost a thousand homes in Veracruz

About a thousand homes were damaged in some way by the heavy rains that hit the weekend in Veracruz.

Rainfall affected 12 municipalities with floods in homes, avenues, streets, road blocks, landslides and minor landslides.

In the city of Xalapa, the state capital, twelve important avenues were under water during the night of this Sunday, in addition, the parking lot of a commercial plaza was flooded.

In the municipality of Coatepec a stream and the Pintores River overflowed, in addition there were 7 landslides between the towns of Cuauhtémoc and 5 Palos, affecting said stretch of road.

In José Azueta, 260 affected homes and a school due to flooding (under verification) are reported in a preliminary way in two communities, Veracruzito and El Maguey, as well as 5 isolated communities.