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Shopkeeper refuses to trust merchandise and is killed in Iztapalapa

A man came to the place of Jesús Juan to ask for a loan. Denying him the loan was the reason why, presumably, the murderer shot the ex-convict shopkeeper.

This was stated by the witness of the homicide and wife of the deceased. She says that minutes after midnight, a man arrived at the store that her husband attended, located in the San Juan Xalpa neighborhood, in Iztapalapa.

According to the woman, she listened from inside the store when the man asked Jesús Juan for a loan.

When he was denied the loan, the attacker drew a weapon, pointed it at the shopkeeper’s head and fired three shots.

After hearing the shots, the woman went out to see what had happened. She saw the murderer escape without being able to identify him.

The witness asked for help from the police and paramedics who, upon arriving at the scene, reported that the seller had died.

Before the agents, the wife declared that her husband was an ex-convict who was released six years ago in the North Prison, where he was imprisoned for drug trafficking.

The 34-year-old woman was also imprisoned, but for robbery with violence.

Two years ago, they both set up the store and began working in the business where the murder occurred.

The woman said that her husband had no problems with anyone.

The body was taken to the amphitheater of the ministerial agency, where it is expected to be claimed.