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The internal election in Morena heats up with the crossover of attacks between the candidates

Marcelo Ebrard walks with Muñoz Ledo and Mario Delgado during his appearance in Congress.Isaac Esquivel / darkroom

The temperature rises inside Morena. Attacks among some contenders to lead the party founded by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador have increased in intensity. The crossing of accusations splashes a long process that has become confused thanks to the mandates of the electoral authorities, who have recently modified, and for the umpteenth time, a call for renewal dating from November 2019. As of this Monday, more than 100 militants have raised their hands to occupy the presidency and the general secretariat of the organization. Both positions, which must be filled by a man and a woman based on parity criteria, will be chosen by a survey open to the general population. The selection method is the latest throwing weapon in a competition with plenty of attacking motivations among the contenders.

The internal process of Morena is read in the key of the intermediate election of June 2021, when the Chamber of Deputies will be renewed and 15 new governors in the country and more than 2,000 mayors will be elected. López Obrador’s party starts as the favorite for those elections. The day will also be the starting point for those who wish to relieve López Obrador in the National Palace in December 2024. Despite the distance, the presidential elections are already shaking up the internal life of the organization.

“Marcelo Ebrard is anxious, eager, headed to be president of the republic,” Deputy Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, one of the candidates for the party’s presidency, told this newspaper about the Secretary of Foreign Relations of the Administration. “Take care. Forgive me, Marcelo, but you are going to leave the party if you continue like this, ”the 87-year-old political veteran, who is linked to Claudia Sheinbaum, the head of Government of Mexico City, told this newspaper, another of the strong letters of the party for 2024. Muñoz Ledo, former president of Congress, also threatened to expel from the group his rival in the race, the also deputy Mario Delgado, close to Ebrard.

Muñoz Ledo’s statements were not well received in the close environment of the foreign minister. His relatives recalled the political precocity of the founder of the PRD. Senator for Morena Martha Lucía Micher accused him of agreeing in 1991 with former president Carlos Salinas, the great villain for the Mexican left. Micher assures that Muñoz Ledo “raised his hand” to the PAN Vicente Fox, who joined his team during his presidency and appointed him ambassador to the European Union between 2001 and 2004. He also recalled that he was on the payroll of the Government of Miguel Ángel Mancera, of the PRD. “Perhaps that way his position against Ebrard will be explained”, wrote Micher on Twitter.

Delgado, campaigning in the north, avoided confrontation. “I am a promoter of the unit,” he said from Sonora. “This is not the time to divide or revile ourselves,” he added when questioned by the local press about Muñoz Ledo’s words. The deputy is one of the main contenders who defend the selection method chosen by the Electoral Tribunal and the Electoral Institute (INE). “The survey is a vaccine against cronyism, currents, sectarianism, groups, there is no way to influence,” says the politician, who like many in Morena, left the PRD to join the labor movement.

Morena has a hundred applicants in its internal process: 47 militants seek to preside over the organization and another 53 seek the general secretary. The INE will carry out two surveys. The first will refine the long list of applicants to 12 contenders, six for each position. Subsequently, another will throw the winners. This process, however, has been called undemocratic and repudiated by other candidates.

The demoscopic companies should have started calling on September 16. Last week López Obrador’s party had only 11 women among 71 candidates. A ruling by the Electoral Tribunal, however, ordered parity in the process, so it was necessary to review and expand the number of candidates for office. This forced the survey to be postponed. Thus, the hundred interested in the eternal internal dispute of Morena were reached.