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A picnic with the flavors of Fall Delights – L’

A new gastronomic concept will replace the Délices d’automne this year. On October 10 and 11, the Picnic package will allow epicureans to purchase a tasting basket of local products and take the opportunity to picnic in their favorite place in Mauricie.

The content of the tasting baskets will be different depending on the day chosen for the picnic. On Saturday October 10, basket holders will be able to discover and taste the bites concocted by the restaurant Le Buck and Création Rose Vanille, while on Sunday October 11 it will be the bites of the restaurant Le Castel and the Maisonnette du Fudge which will be at the ‘honor.

“It was important for us, despite the current situation, to continue to promote the Délices d’automne. Since the mission of the event is to put forward our producers, processors and restaurateurs in the region, it is in this same perspective that this gourmet concept was developed. The local purchase and the valuation of local businesses are particularly important lately and we had to find a way to offer them a showcase at their fair value ”, affirms Roger Picard, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation. of Trois-Rivières Events.

In addition, epicureans will randomly find a surprise product from one of the five exhibitors who have taken part in the Délices d’automne for several editions: Each has its own aroma, Les petits jellées, L’ökkö, Miellerie King and Safrana. Fans will be able to discover or rediscover a local product and learn how to use it at home.

An option designed for two adults and an option for one child will be available for the tasting baskets. The adult option will be available at a cost of $ 70 plus tax. For children, the basket will be on sale at a cost of $ 15 plus tax.

The tasting baskets will go on sale on September 25 at 11 a.m. on the Délices d’automne website at People will have until Tuesday, October 6 to reserve their tasting baskets.

Buyers will be able to pick up their basket the same day they make their reservation between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. in the form of a drive-through service in the Cogeco Amphitheater. No delivery will be possible and pick-up will be done only at this location. All sanitary measures will be put in place during the distribution of the tasting baskets.

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