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Costco for business will soon open in Saint-Hubert –

The first Costco for businesses in Quebec will open its doors on September 29, in the Arr. de Saint-Hubert, in the building where the Costco store moved since last fall to Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville.

The building, which had become too small, turned out to be very suitable for this new concept in Quebec, which has been in use in the United States for some twenty years.

“With the number of businesses on the South Shore, it seemed to us to be well positioned,” says Costco’s vice-president for businesses in Canada, Marc-André Bally.

Its development, including construction and inventory costs, required an investment of “tens of millions of dollars,” he says, without wanting to give an exact figure.

The opening of Costco for business will create at least 150 jobs. Giving the example of the warehouse in Toronto, where more than 200 employees work, the vice-president confirms that there could be more hires over time.


To describe the concept of this warehouse intended for businesses, “we step back a bit, illustrates Marc-André Bally, before explaining ourselves. There are no auxiliary services, such as glasses, the restaurant, the pharmacy… No cutting of meat on site. We sell everything in pallets. We go to restaurants and offices. ”

For example, maple syrup can be found in 1, 4 or 16 liter containers, or even olive oil in 18 liter barrels.

80 to 90% of the merchandise will be food or food-related items, such as kitchen accessories.

Costco will offer an inventory of approximately 3,200 items, including 2,200 “unique, not found elsewhere in other Costco’s,” Bally said. A number that will no doubt grow, according to the vice-president.

The concept is aimed at companies, but will be open to any customer who has his membership card. “It is certain that items could be interesting for individuals”, believes Marc-André Bally.

The Costco for businesses in Saint-Hubert is also distinguished by the delivery service, carried out by the employees, thanks to a fleet of trucks. “It’s unique in Canada,” notes the vice-president.

The company plans to build four to five Costco for business within an 18-month horizon, targeting major cities in Canada.