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Find remains of her son and fight to find those of other mothers

Enedina González found the remains of her son Víctor (red circle) in a house where he worked. Images: Video Captures


In the courtyard of a house in the San Bosco neighborhood, in Hermosillo, Sonora, where she used to work, Enedina González found on September 14 the remains of her Víctor, her son who was disappeared on April 1.

“They were terrible, horrible moments, that I do not wish on anyone in my life, I knew from the beginning that my son was there, nothing more than the authorities never gave me a search warrant, they never went to investigate, because they had gone to fix cell phones and my son never left there. As authorities they never let me act, “he said in an interview with Nacho Lozano, in Hurry and Run.

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An anonymous call informed Enedina of the whereabouts of the remains of her 34-year-old son, identified him by his tennis shoes, the shape of his legs, his bracelets and his clothes. This Tuesday the body to be cremated was handed over to him.

“I only know that he did not deserve everything they did to him, because they buried him headlong and mutilated him and I think my son did not deserve this death,” he said.

Enedina González announced that she will continue with the group Seekers for Peaceeven if you have already located your son’s body.

“As mothers we become investigators, because we are looking for our piece of heart, our loved ones. We are all missing and it is a very beautiful fight, because you give life back to each mother, returning the heart of her children”, concluded.

Enedina’s son is survived by a 13-year-old daughter.

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