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Finding a job and self-esteem at Vision Travail –

Losing your job is never a good thing. But for people over 40, this sudden new reality can sometimes get complicated.

The job market can be a maze for those who have been in the same place for five, ten, sometimes even more than 20 years. At Vision Travail, the consultants, trainers and employees do an exceptional job. “We are an employability organization specializing in job seekers 40, 50 or 60 years old. Researchers often arrive at our offices in a sorry state. They have lost their esteem. Sometimes they are ashamed. They think they are too old, that they lack skills. We are there to help them, ”says Chantal Geneau, executive assistant.

Vision Travail has three offices and a point of service in the greater region. The Director General, Denis Thibault is proud to see the successes of the organization. “We help all kinds of customers. But we are specializing in customers over 40 years old. We offer regular programs, but also a specialized one for experienced workers in their fifties. And a host of other things», He explains.

Helping disabled workers

“People work in the same sector, the same company for several years. Without asking the question of where it could end up the next day. They lose their jobs and wonder where to start, ”says Denis Thibault.

Professionals therefore help with interview techniques. “How to make a good impression. Present yourself well. In times of COVID, without giving a hand, how do we present ourselves ”, relates the general manager who has been in place for more than two decades.

But before moving on to the interview stage, the future employee must find an area in which he would like to evolve. What are his passions? Her dreams ? Her goals ? A series of tests and questionnaires are planned by the guidance counselors who help them navigate better in this new environment.

We also offer computer training. In order to stand out on social networks. To succeed in sending his resume by email. But above all, sometimes to succeed in drawing up this CV. “We support people. Sometimes we have to call on partners to dress our job seekers who are going to go for an interview. There are several types and all kinds of realities ”, launches the general manager.

Successfully asking for help

Sometimes job seekers are ashamed to ask for help. “But we welcome people as they are. Without judgement. A man pulled himself together three times to successfully open the door to our office, climb the stairs, ask us for help. He turned on his heels every time. And our success rate exceeds 85%, all programs combined, ”adds Chantal Geneau.

Researchers can proceed through Emploi-Québec, which carries out service exchanges with Vision Travail. But they can also go directly to the organization’s offices when the situation requires.

This is a great toolkit, completely free, which can make a difference and give not only hope, but a new job. In a different sector, but which will sometimes be even more rewarding. “Sometimes people have been in a job for so long that they have stopped thinking about what they would really like to do. We’re here to help them find that answer. And many other things, ”concludes Denis Thibault.

Vision Travail has offices in Valleyfield, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Longueuil and a point of service in Beauharnois.