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Fruit and vegetables at low prices in Bas-du-Cap – L’

Bas-du-Cap is the host of a brand new project whose objective is to offer fruits and vegetables at very low prices. In partnership with producers in the region, the Kiosque du Cap travels to community organizations in the sector to offer citizens a variety of fresh and local products.

This project is an initiative of Cécilia Protz, coordinator of Bucafin, who thus wishes to promote local shopping and healthy lifestyles.

“The observation is that there are a few grocery stores in Bas-du-Cap, but they are not accessible to everyone,” says Ms. Protz. For people who don’t have a car and don’t have a lot of money, it is more difficult to obtain fruits and vegetables and to eat healthily. There aren’t many food kiosks around there either, so that’s another drag. ”

“If the food supply is small, it’s more difficult to buy local and people tend to consume less healthy foods like fast foods and sugary foods. It may cost less at the time, but it will be very expensive later on health ”, adds Ms. Protz.

“The important thing is that people have access to fresh, local fruits and vegetables.”

– Cecilia Protz

That’s why she set up the Cape Town Kiosk. Each week, he travels from one community organization to another to reach as many people as possible. The products sold there come from producers in Mauricie and the South Shore. Besides fruits and vegetables, there are other products like honey.

Cécilia Protz, instigator of the project.

“We suggest a price for each product. If the person has the money, they pay the suggested price. If she doesn’t have it, she gives what she can. For example, if we put in $ 2, but the person only has $ 1, they can still take the product they have chosen, ”explains Ms. Protz.

For the cause, many producers donate their surpluses or make discounts. “We have agreements with farmers,” says Ms. Protz. We only pay for what we sold at the price we sold it. By selling the surplus that is in the fields, we also avoid food waste. ”

Le Kiosque du Cap is the start of a larger project in Bas-du-Cap. Details surrounding it will be unveiled in the coming months. But already, we know that Ms. Protz and her team want to offer workshops related to food and healthy lifestyles during the cold season.


To put on the agenda

The Kiosque du Cap will be at the Méngez-Vous organization! Thursday September 24 at noon, as well as at Ebyôn’s on Wednesday September 30 at 11:30 am.