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García Cabeza de Vaca assures that ‘they will never see him negotiating with criminals’

The governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, assured the Tamaulipas that they will never see him in a video grabbing money, or negotiating with criminals, “and much less will they see a video of the governor of Tamaulipas sending him a message to a capo through his mother. And I have nothing against mothers. ”

At a press conference, when questioned about the allegations that have been disseminated against him, the Tamaulipas president replied that on the last visit of the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, he had the opportunity to tell him.

“In his recent visit to Tamaulipas I was very clear with him. When the adversaries see that one is growing, things go well, in the same way the opponents and attacks grow, to the extent that they even tried to put him in jail with that famous outrage, “he recalled.

He reiterated that he was very clear in telling him that, “and especially when attacks, defamations, slander, those stories that only they believe in increase.”

Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca explained that his government in terms of security does not need the endorsement of any Public Security institution of the federal government, much less of any foreign agency, because the results speak for themselves.

“We are the state that has given the best results in terms of security. Just 4 years ago Tamaulipas disputed the first places of insecurity and violence in the country, today we are in place number 25. Ask the same Secretary of Federal Public Security, that they ask the General Secretary, What does he think of the actions that the government of the State of Tamaulipas is carrying out? “

He added that, parallel to this, it is the first state in the history of this country to carry out a Border Security and Prosperity campaign with the participation of 7 United States agencies, “that has never been seen in the history of this country. We continue to work hand in hand, and we have our meetings practically every 15 days, we update our objectives “.

As additional data, the governor stressed that Tamaulipas is probably the only state in the country, that the leaders and seconds of all criminal groups, without exception, have an arrest warrant, “not by the Federation, but by the Attorney General’s Office of the State”.

At the end of his participation in security matters, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca said: “What I assure all Tamaulipas is that they will not see me in a video grabbing money, nor will they see me in a video negotiating with a criminal, and many fewer are going to see a video of the governor of Tamaulipas sending a message to a capo through his mother. And I have nothing against the mothers. “