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Luis Fonsi makes a tribute to women


For Luis Fonsi, more than a label is a satisfaction than his song Slowly continue to be a reference for the public, after its launch in 2017 and after four Latin Grammy Awards, as well as a wide popularity in the world and versions in different genres and languages.

This was revealed to Excelsior by telephone the Puerto Rican, who launched Perfect, his latest single.

“I don’t mind being associated with a hit song. It’s been almost four years that all this happened, but I was happy because it was a song that changed my life. I thank the entire audience for making it a phenomenon.

“He broke all records, reached places where music in Spanish had never reached. If you want to remember me for the rest of my life with something positive, that’s what you want. I will always remember it as a blessing.

“I am not trying to compete with her. At the time we united the world in difficult times politically speaking, being Latino and speaking Spanish in the US. The whole world was singing in Spanish, that’s a blessing! It is a message of union and it is something that I always want to carry through my other songs ”, affirmed Luis Fonsi.

The singer-songwriter premiered this weekend Perfect, his most recent single, in which he made a new collaboration with Farruko, his compatriot and one of the most important exponents of reggaeton. In it she combined pop with the genre of urban music and reggae. The lyric video has more than 164,918 views on its YouTube channel.

“The idea was born to make a song that celebrates the beauty and perfection of women. It’s a bit of a story that is being created and evolving musically.

“He talks about the shyness that this character feels, or that I feel as an interpreter, with this desire to tell this woman that she is perfect for him, even though she may not have realized it. I liked being able to carry this positive message with a touch of fun, movement, dance and working with an artist that I respect and love very much like Farruko, with whom I had never worked, whom I have known for years, “she said. .

This song is a preview of what will be Fonsi’s new album after his material Lifetime, 2019.

“My musical style is always going to have many musical styles and many tones. This kind of urban and pop fusion is already part of my style, and it was four or five years ago. At the same time I can sing a song with a little guitar, something romantic, which I will not abandon.

“I am a musician, I studied classical music and it is not that I will make a record of it, but I want to say that I studied because I wanted to be a musician, not just a balladeer. I never saw music with the stamp of a genre, but as a moment to express myself with a piano or a guitar or with a band and 16 dancers. Music gives us that freedom, ”said Fonsi, 42.

He added that the next material will have “a romantic and also rhythmic Fonsi”, with lyrics with which he feels identified, sensual, but respectful.

“Always celebrating the gift that God gave us men, which is woman. There is no title or date for this album yet. We are one of those who sit down to write and record a song for days. I have songs, especially in recent months, in which for obvious reasons we have been forced to be locked up, but I keep creating. When the time comes, I will gather those 13, 14 or 15 songs that most reflect the moment that we are living and that is going to be the album. That comes, but I pay attention to this release of Perfect, which begins the new stage of what will be my next production, “he said.

The singer-songwriter explained that the video, which was recorded in Miami and directed by Fernando Lugo, was adapted to health regulations in the face of the covid-19 pandemic.

“We have adjusted to the new reality. There are protocols and rules that must be taken. Since I was doing the program, which ended recently, The voice, we had to do weekly medical tests. The same to make the video and meet, we all tested ourselves and with the distancing measures.

“When we recorded the song together it was a blessing, because we were able to be in the same studio, but following those protocols, masked, greeting people from afar, it was weird! Especially with us, as Latinos who are very much about touching and hugging each other, being together with many people. But the reality is that you have to follow those protocols because you have to take care of ourselves. We have to wait for time to pass and they tell us what the next steps are, ”he explained.

About the confinement, Fonsi, who raised the issue weeks ago Sunflowers in which he gave voice to his perspective of the pandemic, he considered that the situation has sensitized humanity.

“This pandemic has forced us to celebrate the little things in life. I am very lucky because I live with my wife, I have two children and I have been able to celebrate being with them and having a kind of routine, but I know that it is not like that for everyone. I know that there are those who live alone and cannot go out and are in a small apartment in a city, where everything is closed. I am always careful how to express myself because it has been difficult times for many people.

“In my case, we had to cancel the entire tour and put everything on hiatus. The creative part continues to roll, but the part I enjoy the most, which is being on stage, which is feeling the warmth of the audience, which is what inspires me the most and where I feel that gratitude and I celebrate, when they take it away, I have faced a very great void. I’m crazy to be able, little by little, to fill that void. Meanwhile, we have to make music and reach people with new songs, that gives us faith and peace of mind to continue working ”, he concluded.


Luis Fonsi stressed that he is interested in new concerts to keep in touch with his followers, such as lives through the internet or self-concerts.

“I support them one hundred percent, although it doesn’t replace being in front of people on stage at all, but it fills the gap a bit. For my part, I have some things that are being planned for next month, in this style, especially the subject of auto concerts, because at least one already feels the public there a little, a little separated, but that is better than nothing “, he pointed.


Luis Fonsi revealed that he has met many people who have tested positive for covid-19, from family, friends and other singers. However, they have managed to overcome the symptoms.

With the theme Sunflowers, which launched in April, sent a positive message within the pandemic.

“He says that just as sunflowers do not stop spinning, human beings have a very great power of adaptation and we are going to move forward. Talk about optimism. It was a song that was born at the beginning of the pandemic, when the world was experiencing more intense situations than these, with information confusion, and when it was a blow to have to stop for everyone. It was a release single, which I recorded with my guitar and with a home video, “she said.