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Mancera asks ‘to investigate’ cases of corruption of former officials

The coordinator of the PRD senatorial bench, Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, whose tenure as head of the Government of Mexico City has been accused of alleged corruption, said “that it be investigated”, whatever the authorities consider.

This Tuesday it was reported that the government of Mexico City is targeting ten former officials of the administration headed by Mancera Espinosa. Interviewed in the Senate, the legislator limited himself to answering: “Let them investigate.” He said that he hopes that “the judicial authority will see what happened.”

Audits of the government that he headed from 2012 to 2018 have provided grounds for arrest warrants, the arrest of former officials and even the freedom of some and the involvement of a trial in another case.

This newspaper reported in its edition that there is an arrest warrant against the head of the Urban Management Agency, Jaime Slomianski Aguilar, as well as four people who were under his orders. Five more former Mancera administration officials are at large, and an Interpol code was issued in their search. Of his government in Mexico City, Senator Mancera said: “Let the people judge him.”