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The US continues as the most lethal for Mexicans by Covid-19

The SRE has also managed to repatriate the bodies of Mexicans who have lost their lives in the United States due to Covid. File photo: AP


Despite a marginal decline this month in the death toll, the United States remains the country with the highest fatality from the Covid-19 pandemic for the Mexican community.

According to records from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during the last month (between August 25 and September 21) 279 nationals lost the battle against the virus compared to 310 who died in the period from July to August.

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The report shows a record of 2 thousand 452 Mexicans victims of the coronavirus in the American Union (2 thousand 467 worldwide) when last August 24 the figure rose to 2 thousand 173, with New York remaining as the state with the highest number deaths with 773 (771 in August), followed by California with 546 (436 in August), Illinois 183 (172 in August), Arizona 186 (145 in August) and Texas with 144 compatriots dead (108 in August).

In this scenario, the states bordering Mexico (California, Arizona and Texas) continue to register an exponential increase in deaths from the disease in the last eight weeks. In the case of the New Mexico border with Chihuahua, the same figure of 2 compatriots died for two months.

Within this framework, the governments of Mexico and the United States agreed to extend the closure of the common border -which has already applied since March 21- for non-essential crossings, such as tourism, family visits or purchases, with the aim of reducing the risk of contagion. In this way, the Border Restriction Agreement remains in effect until next October 21.

In the rest of the world, only the death of a fellow countryman in Guatemala was reported in the last month, adding to the 14 registered in other nations (6 in Canada, 3 in Spain, 3 in Peru, 1 in Colombia and 1 more in France. ) for a total of


This morning, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard reported that the application of free Covid-19 tests continues at the consulates of Los Angeles, San José, Indianapolis, Houston, New York, San Diego, Sacramento, El Paso and Chicago.

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“And I would like to underline and thank once again the immense effort they have made in the consulates with the available resources to achieve this, it began in a consulate, but today we are in many consulates with the effort of our colleagues, colleagues, there in the States. United”.

In the case of care through the Health Window, he highlighted that 2 million 433 thousand 396 people have been attended remotely and 522 thousand 684 directly.

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