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They arrest a rapist identified for more than a decade in Quintana Roo

A man accused of harassing, extorting and sexually abusing an average of 40 adolescents and young people in Playa del Carmen and Cozumel, for more than a decade, was captured in Quintana Roo by elements of the Investigative Police of the State Attorney General’s Office and presented before a judge, who will define his legal situation this week.

The capture of Erath “N” occurred last Saturday, almost two months after the victims themselves, through the account “Mujeres Unidas Quintana Roo”, published their testimonies on social networks, due to the fact that the complaints they presented before the Attorney General’s Office did not present progress.

However, Facebook policies were imposed and the page was taken down from the network, to avoid damaging Erath’s image, which demoralized the victims and led them to search, 10 days ago, for the federal deputy, Mildred Ávila Vera , in order to request accompaniment; The legislator, in turn, contacted the lawyer, Aracely Andrade Tolama, for legal advice, with a gender perspective.

Both met with the prosecutor, Óscar Montes de Oca, on September 17, to question him about the progress of the investigations.

Two days later, Erath – born in Cozumel, who posed as a music teacher to his victims and made them fall in love with songs and poems; The one who even asked them to introduce him to other friends or ask them to have sex with their friends to record them – was arrested in compliance with an arrest warrant issued by a judge, for the crime of rape to the detriment of a minor victim.

The building where he was arrested keeps evidence such as cell phones, computers, with material that allegedly incriminates him.

The Prosecutor’s Office reported that, in addition, there are at least 9 other cases for crimes of rape, sexual abuse and corruption of minors, which are charged, which led to the opening of 10 investigation folders and two arrest warrants, already executed. .

At a press conference this Monday, the legislator for the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) and the lawyer pointed out that these cases are not the only ones and confirmed what the victims themselves said since July of this year, that is, that There are an average of 40 young people who were injured by Erath, some of them already located, others, who left the state and some more, who left the country, fleeing the harassment exerted by the accused.

Erath was tracked by policemen from the intelligence area of ​​the Prosecutor’s Office and captured at an address that he had just rented in Playa del Carmen, after having hidden in various places, after being exhibited by his victims through social networks.

The investigations and evidence provided by the authority coincide with the testimonies published by the victims, stating that Erath “J” took advantage of his knowledge and love of music to gain the trust of adolescents and young people, “which allowed the daily coexistence and later sexually abusing them when they were minors, “said the prosecutor himself.

In some cases “he recorded his criminal events to demand that his victims have sexual encounters in exchange for not broadcasting his videos,” he added.

Lawyer Aracely Andrade, who years ago legally assisted some of the victims of the confessed pedophile, Jean Succar Kuri – convicted of child pornography and corruption of minors – explained that Erath’s way of operating is very similar to that of the former Mexican-Lebanese magnate , because it is a “sexual predator”, who acts systematically and “chooses his victims”.

“They are deeply manipulative and very observant subjects,” described the activist, noting that both Succar and Erath are “predators” because they “hunt” their victims.

“They are like a lion, they select the prey,” he continued, adding that the prey is generally vulnerable and lonely. “Once selected, there is no escape,” he said.

He narrated that, among the victims, there are those who were only abused once; others, recurrently, especially the young women whom he tried to exploit sexually.

“He followed the same pattern, with different treatment of each victim,” he mentioned, specifying that the ages of the victims ranged from 12, to 13, 15, 17, 18 and 20 years; In most cases they kept silent about what happened out of shame and fear.

Andrade Tolama indicated that one of Erath’s first victims was 12 years old; Today she is 22 years old and is one of her complainants.

The defendant, once he had gained the trust of the victims, even managed to be received in their homes, where he seduced, abused or raped them, sex acts that he videotaped and then extorted them with that material and not reported. He sold the videos and, in some cases, marketed them in prostitution houses, he elaborated, adding that, due to the defendant’s profile, he could be a probable “serial rapist.”

The sum of cases emerged from the fact that one of the young women filed a complaint with the authorities, had no response, shared it on social networks, was seen by other young women and began to connect.

Since those testimonies were “viralized”, Erath “was on the verge of killing himself,” hiding from authority. “He knew he was wanted.”

“They swallowed this, alone, for several years, until they realized that there were many and they joined in networks,” he stressed.

He added that Erath acted with premeditation, treachery and advantage and due to the type of crimes he is charged with, he cannot enjoy any protection or benefit within the current accusatory criminal system.

Ávila Vera and Andrade Tolama publicly endorsed their support for the young complainants and other victims who have not yet come to the authorities, to let them know that they will follow up on the cases and pay attention to possible threats or intimidation attempts.

“Let all of them know that they are not alone, that we are many women who are with the great commitment to accompany them, to listen to them, to guide them (…) and that we will always raise our voices to seek and shout above all that there should be no acts of impunity , that there has to be justice for all women and prevent cases like these from being repeated, “the deputy stressed.

Andrade explained that there is a multidisciplinary team made up of lawyers, criminologists from the Congress of the Union, staff from the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office in Sexual Crimes and the State Victim Attention Commission, monitoring the case, including Martha Iveth Nah Lavadores, who was a member the already 11 research folders.

The lawyer pointed out that Erath, a second arrest warrant was executed today, in the case of a young woman from Cozumel, a file that is added to the 10 investigation folders that the Prosecutor’s Office had originally mentioned.

The first arrest warrant that was executed was for the crime of rape in Playa del Carmen and the second, in Cozumel. He is subject to preventive detention, as long as the judge links him to the process or not. If sentenced, he would reach a maximum penalty of 60 years in prison.