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They seek in UAEM to detect antibodies

The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico began the application of 700 rapid COVID-19 tests, designed to detect antibodies in asymptomatic patients or those who already had the virus in the general population, not only for university students, reported Ana Laura Guadarrama, director of the Clinic Multidisciplinary Health of the institution.

“We started with a new rapid test application service for COVID-19 detection,” Guadarrama said.

He pointed out that this rapid analysis does not detect the virus, and that the UAEM still does not have the PCR, “but we are waiting that between 45 and 60 days we can also apply it” that study to the population.

These rapid COVID-19 detection tests are based on a principle in which the human body generates antibodies against this virus and are capable of being detected between days 10 and 14 after contact, explained the specialist from the Multidisciplinary Clinic of the UAEM.

“Which means that through a very rapid test, with a capillary blood sample on the finger, we have an examination that is a test that is endorsed by Cofepris, which allows us to identify two different types of IgG and IgM antibodies, that speak that the patient had contact with the virus, that his body generated this defense system, but that at this moment he does not have the infection.

“And the other antibody allows us to say if in the previous days it was in contact with the virus and at this moment it is generating defense antibodies to the acute phase infection,” said the director of the UAEM Multidisciplinary Health Clinic.

Initially, the UAEM only has 700 tests, whose application is not exclusive to university students.