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UIF investigates Ricardo Anaya for the Odebrecht case

PAN Ricardo Anaya, a former candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, is being investigated by the Financial Intelligence Unit, after his name came out among the 70 people allegedly involved in the Odebrecht case.

Santiago Nieto Castillo, head of the FIU, indicated that it will be the Attorney General’s Office that will determine whether to call him to appear.

He noted that a sixth complaint is also being worked on in the Odebrecht case.

Santiago Nieto said the above in a brief interview that he gave this morning at the Autonomous University of Querétaro, where an agreement was signed between the UIF and this university.

Ricardo Anaya returns to public life

After losing the 2018 presidential election and two years after retiring from politics, Ricardo Anaya, a former PAN candidate, said he is returning fully to public life with the purpose of helping build a better future for Mexico.

“Faced with the enormous problems that are accumulating and in the absence of solutions, I think the right thing to do is to be present,” said the PAN.

Through a video, the Queretaro warned of “the serious risks we run” if we do not correct the course of the country, since the disaster of the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is evident.

“The disaster with the López Obrador government is evident. Look at the economy: even before the coronavirus pandemic, Mexico had its worst performance in a decade; insecurity with more than 35 thousand homicides, with data from the government itself, is the most high since records exist, more than 20 years ago, “he said.

He criticized that with the “story that the President is honest” corruption is tolerated in the circle close to the President himself and on the handling of the pandemic he said that this has been a disaster. “How dare you tell us we’re doing fine?” He questioned.